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I am Carline. I always had a love for music. Whether I was listening to it, dancing to it, or singing it. Music has always been my ultimate joy!

Francis413Music was born out of a desire to create the music I love to hear. and music I don't often hear anymore. Since I was a little girl I grew up loving music way into my adulthood. 

  My passion to create music began from an inspiration I had to release a worship album in thanksgiving to the Lord.  This inspiration would come during our live performances every week. I always wanted to study music, because of my love for it, so it wasn't so far fetched of an idea. 

The Story continues....

Electronic Move On is a brand new single that just came. It was a labor of love producing this instrumental and releasing for the masses to hear.  It does have an electronic style dance quality to it. This song takes me to the eighties and nighties. A time when music was very creative and just fun to listen to. The electronic sounds with the violins and synths have that signature sound. Using different instruments with a nice harmonious melody has that special sound. 

Opportunity came during Covid-19 to go back to school and this other course wasn't available, so I decide to study Music Production. Little did I realize that all my background in music from childhood to adulthood would come into practice. All the songs that I loved listening to, I can create them in my own way. So, I have a blast making music. I still had to study hard to learn how and making the grade was the icing, because without the study and work behind it, my finishing wouldn't be possible. So the fruits of. my educational labor was my new music producing business. 

Our music producing business, provides to assist in creating music, adding that special beat to a song, adding that special score to a film. or documentary, vocal services to enhance lyrics to a song. Composition and arrangement services provides a new idea to a film score, documentary, or animation project. As an artist, I release my own songs, instrumentals, and albums for my audiences to enjoy my music.  As we grow, we will add performances to our services. We love to hear from you. Tell us what type of music you like.  Enjoy Electronic Move On now that is it released on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. We are currently working on new beat releases, new singles, and in about two months new album.  We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line! 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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